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Milano 2019


A Wedding Story: Sevcan & Caner

Engagement, henna, wedding, Milan and finally Cappadocia … Our energies got so harmonious with each other that they wanted to work with us at every moment of these happy days that will not be erased from memories.

Marriage in Milan!

We were meeting with Sevcan and Caner from shooting. After a 6-month break, we surprisedly made an appointment with us and said, “We want to chop our wedding in Milan and it will not be without you!” they said. This is how the story of the wedding started in Milan. Finally, the application was approved from the Consulate General of Milan and received on the wedding day on 10 September.

By the way, let’s not go through the reminder. There are some documents that couples who want to have a wedding in Milan should prepare. According to the consulates, although there are some differences in the requested documents, the main documents are: Declaration of marriage, marriage license, international birth registration sample, identity cards of witnesses, couples’ identity cards and passports, photographs taken in the last 6 months and health report.

Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey may decide to Milan!

After an average of 3 hours, we finally left ourselves to the streets that smell of history. We let it go, but Rome hugged us so much that the taste of the delicious Pizzeria Spontini with its many meters of queues at its door and the best of Rome, Pompi Tiramis, is still in our palate.

The excitement of our bride and the bridesmaids that did not leave her alone at the happiest moment were worth seeing.

When it comes to the wedding, there must have been a reliable person we can entrust our hair and makeup. Here we came to our rescue as @ozgeozdemirmakeup.

After an exciting wedding ceremony, we started the wedding shooting in Duomo di Milano, one of Milan’s favorite places, the last gothic building in the world. On such a historical day, Bursa wedding photographer was also a Milan wedding photographer.

Although it is not so easy to convince you to kiss in the middle of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping malls in the world with famous brands, it was worth it. Say what? 🙂


Then we dived into those beautiful streets of Milan! Every street was filled with structures that excited us. Milan, which is the heart of art, design, trade, fashion, show business and tourism, is a rare place where you can see both the historical and the modern world as you stroll through the streets. Italy offers a unique opportunity for wedding photography. This is a unique frame for the honeymoon photographer.

This program costs an average of 2000 €.

That’s it!