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Roma 2019

Unforgettable moments starting with the Bursa wedding story and ending in Rome: Gökçe & Serhat


It all started with Mrs. Gökçe discovering us on social media. The organizations we organized before, the wedding photographs we shared will be of great interest that we contacted us after a short research and started to create a new wedding story.


Our first step was our wedding organization, with the approval of our couple, we decided that Bursa Podium Invitation would be the most suitable place and we quickly started our preparations for a dream wedding. When the wedding day came and frowned, we were as excited as our couple, and we were justified with sharing this special day with them. We started our day as early as the morning, and we witnessed every moment of this special day without stopping until late at night. With the help of the eye-catching design and image of Bursa Podium Invitation, we have realized a Bursa wedding story that the audience will want to return to and see again.



Our second goal was to determine our route for taking photographs abroad in order to create a beautiful wedding story. Together with our beautiful couple, we turned our direction here by capturing the magic of Rome, the famous city of Italy with its unique history of 2800 years. This enormous city, which makes us feel like we are in the middle of the open air museum in every corner, fascinated us as soon as we set foot. I think we had chosen the most suitable place for an archeology graduate bride. A tiring but enjoyable day of shooting was waiting for us in Rome. What should we lie in this tourically crowded city, we thought the wedding shooting would force us a little, but it was not so much, a lot of tourists around the bride and groom seemed to respect the shots we took.


First stop for outdoor shooting: The Fountain of Love (La Fontana Di Trevi)


Our first stop for taking photographs abroad was the Fountain of Love with its enormous aesthetic appearance, which is also close to our hotel, and the Italian name “La Fontana Di Trevi”. This is the pupil of all tourists coming to Rome, according to a belief, if you turn your back to the fountain and throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, it is said that you will go back to Rome, of course, and our couple tried their luck. If you ask us where is the best place for outdoor shooting, we can say that Love Fountain got full points from us.

Exquisite harmony that starts as a Bursa wedding story and extends to the streets of Rome


Within the framework of taking photographs abroad, it was a small stroll through the streets where Roman history was hidden. At least we thought it was small. However, people are losing themselves in the streets that smell of history, and of course wedding photographs are just as beautiful. A beautiful bride with a white wedding dress and a groom who completes the bride in a groom outside the ordinary, what more do you want for a Roman street?

A must-have Colosseum (Colloesum)


Do you ever go from Rome without stopping at the Coliseum? We wanted you to be influenced by the last stop of our tour that started as a Bursa wedding story, and we could not pass without putting the photos. The building was gifted to the Roman people by the Flavian dynasty, Emperor Vespasian. This region, where the amphitheater is located, has gained a much more distinctive beauty with our couple, who are almost as magnificent as they were created for taking photographs abroad.

Villa Borghese is the last stop for outdoor shooting


It might have been time to rest for everyone, but there was one last stop we needed to go: Villa Borghese, the third largest park in Rome, with many museums and attractions. Here we sat at the table to make our last shots and create another wedding story, and we leave our dear readers to this story for a few minutes.

If you want to write your own story and become actors during your wedding or honeymoon, we will be looking forward to witnessing every moment of that story; Because as a wedding or honeymoon photographer, it is very precious for us to be the secret heroes of your most beautiful moments.







Organization: @sinemugurgunprive

Photo: @mutlubirkare

Wedding dress: @goldanbursa

Grooming: @ushautecouture

Flower: @brayfleur

Orchestra: @ ata.marin

Venue: @podiumdavet

Hairdresser: @sachaexclusivebursa

Barber: @fabrabarbersclub

Bridal Shoes: @divareseonline

Groom Shoes: @giuseppezanotti

Jewelry: @mucheverexclusive – @cartier – @patekphilippe