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Coronavirus depressed the newly married couples

Shooting a wedding story in many parts of the world such as America, Duabi, France and Italy, the female videographer from Bursa takes her shots in the garden of her house, which she has turned into a studio because of the corona virus.

Stating that most of the wedding organizations were postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, Meltem Say said that some of the candidates who were depressed during this period left, and in a large part of them, he was depressed because of the uncertainties in the arrangement of the wedding organizations, double-string and halay games.
All over the world as well as Turkey continues to take lives despite the increasing temperature of corona virus. With the arrival of May, the wedding season is approaching, it is curiously waiting for how the process will develop in the couples who can not postpone their wedding next year and take the day in 3-4 months.

Before the tourism season, necessary arrangements have been made about the travel conditions and seating in the tour buses, and the lack of regulations regarding the circular and the wedding organizations suggests both couples and wedding organizers.
Shooting a wedding story in many parts of the world about being in America, Dubai, Italy and France, the female cameraman from Bursa explained the causes of coronary viruses positively and negatively according to the sector. Meltem Say, for the wedding organizations that have been stacked since 2021, that most of the weddings were postponed in 2021 and they tried to rest and stay calm.

We only wish our brides and grooms to be seen, “said” Tell me, “We also had some interesting events in this room that gave up to our couples who gave up to postpone their wedding.

How will the seating arrangement be?

“Our couples are pessimistic. Now we are trying to calm our couples and keep their morale high. The most important part of our job is that I always try to use this energy for motivational couples. Say expressed that he has completed and programmed his programmed work in his home, which is a sterile environment.

Korona taught us togetherness

Say, stating that they collaborate with colleagues during the pandemic process and how they can get through this process, Say continued his words as follows;
“The pandemic process made us feel how important it is not to rival but to be united among colleagues. I am trying to look at the good side of this process. We have lost 3-4 months as wedding organizers now. Every time we turn on the phone, we encounter a sad tone, whereas to this day, we had excited happy conversations because we are in the wedding sector. Unfortunately, our couples are demoralized in this process.

Live weddings

We remained active on social media during this period. By broadcasting live broadcasts about the organizations we do, we shared the information we gained about how to proceed in this process with our couples. This process made us think. Now we have started to plan how the new weddings will be. Maybe we will take the weddings to the online channel. We are developing a new system for guests who can not come from abroad or from abroad. Even though guests can no longer come to the wedding, they can watch the weddings with a live broadcast system from their home.