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Montania hotel

A couple who dreams of us with their dreams!?

When they came to the agreement, they had not yet completed their preparations for their wedding. Our first job was to be next to our couple with our wedding story service (photo & film & drone) package. In our service, there is a subject that is very important in the background, but it is generally a background issue. When we communicate together and start the preparation, we do a perfect job.
So what have we done? When we decided on their wedding at @montaniahotel, something had already started to come to mind. Our advice @ahualnipak wedding dress preference fits our weak bride extraordinary! We wanted to have a hairdresser preparation in the authentic atmosphere of Montania Hotel and recommended @busrazararsiz. They made their deals with special prices for a Happy Square. We want a rental car on top, but they said it was something different, when we did our research and presented a 1953 red Austin from @illerthat, that’s what they said!

Thanks to our wedding day recommendations, we experienced no setbacks as we proceeded with the correct time program. We had a fun and full wedding. Here are the rest of that day;

Who contributed:
Wedding dress: @ahualnipak
Hair: @cigdemguzels
Hairdresser & makeup: @busrazararsiz
Dance: @ bursadansevi16
Orchestra: @orkestra_lima
Vehicle: @naillerbursa
Invitation: @moeweddingcard
Organization: @saltetkinlik
Bride: @nrymerve
Groom: @alagozhan@alagozhan