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Ukrayna 2018
We are so excited! We always tell you that emotion is important! The idea of ​​shooting in Ukraine came from us, our couple would go on their honeymoon, so we said why not. While preliminary researches say reservations, flights, we found ourselves in Ukraine. The first day was spent visiting Kievi and tasting food drinks unique to Ukraine. If you ask us, don’t come back without eating a sandwich. No matter how similar our palate flavors are, their food is much more greasy and sweet. Turkish restaurants are also available for those who are not looking for differences: D Our shots took place in 2 different regions.
A lot has been admired. You can find yourself in a lush forest while walking in the city center with coffee. The other thing we admire was the architecture and the protection of this architecture.
We had so much fun!
We are back with great photos and videos. Of course, we would like to thank our couple Ebru and Hüseyin for this matter, we had so much fun during the shooting that we forgot that we were shooting! They were very emotional and very fun in love, emotion is important, very important.