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Night Shot

Night Shot

Tips to get better results when taking pictures at night

Night photography is the biggest passion of those who love the darkness of the night and the atmosphere created by the lights of the city. Night photography, which is the most used field of shooting techniques, attracts the attention of all photographers, whether amateur or professional. However, in the night shots in which daylight’s natural lighting ability disappears, dark and blurred photographs are generally obtained due to the unexposed frames and wrong flash usage.

Taking photos at night is not as simple as taking photos at high shutter speeds in daylight. You can get beautiful photos using daytime manual adjustment or in modes such as aperture priority. Day or night, a composition and artistic look is absolutely necessary for photography. You can see that the friend who says “I am a photographer” around you has failed in Night Photography. The reason is “I take it to AV and shoot it.” like memorization. Night and night photography is the type of photograph and time period in which completely technical knowledge is spoken.

What is the Best Timeframe for the Night Photograph?

Darkness does not necessarily need to collapse to take night photos. You can start taking evening night photos with the city’s lights within half an hour after the sunset. The most beautiful night photographs are obtained during the blue hours, when the city lights start to flash and the blue in the sky begins to turn slightly black. Exposing the city in blue with the city lights that turn the city slightly from darkness to light after sunset, allows you to capture incredible photos and color tones. The two sample photos below were taken at these times.